Monday, February 23, 2004

I Go Workin' After Midnight

Ah the joys of the overnight shift.... yes, we still have no resolution as to how exactly my schedule can me re-arranged, but we've managed to squeeze another week of deliberations in: I'm working the Sunday midnight shift (aka the "waay too early" Monday morning shift) in exchange for my colleague's working my Saturday. TLW, as can be imagined, is not amused by this, but such is life. On the other hand, it is quite cool to have completely finished off the current job backlog (not a blessed thing to do in the place: every smelly chemical has found its home, and every jar of dielectric fluid its bin... okay, I'm getting a little too sleep-woozy here: I'm about to start reciting Goodnight Moon to the lab benches).

Baruch Hashem (thank G-d) for competent financial advisors. This morning, our accountant (yes, she keeps Sunday hours) handled six w-2 forms, a shower of assorted loose investments (make that losing investments... :(), several different school-related forms, and a barrage of questions from me with her usual aplomb. I don't care if it only takes her ten minutes to make out our return: it would take me a week of pulling my hair out (and I'm not so follicularly enhanced that I can afford that activity at my time of life), and I'd probably still end up making a mistake that would bring the delightful chaps of the IRS around, making polite inquiries.

G'night lab bench, Good night GC's, good night moisture meters and dielectric machines...zzzz...


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