Sunday, February 15, 2004

I Can Feel St. Elmo's Fire Burning in Me (No, Nevermind, it's Just Heartburn)

Talking to self: I chose to take organic synthesis, I chose to take organic synthesis, I chose to take organic synthesis...

So, my textbook is just as incomprehensible as I feared (I used its prequel for an earlier course), but I'm slogging through. Sentences read "the equilibrium will favor carbanion formation only when the acidity of the carbon acid is greater than that of the conjugate acid corresponding to the base used for deprotonation" instead of just "you want a strong base to make this thing work" (all you non-chem geeks who find both equally incomprehensible can just ignore this part...)

Anyhow, I've gotten most of the homework problems pretty well solved, I think; I'm gonna want to do a bit of library research on the remaining ones just to be sure, though.

Still playing iTunes in alphabetical order... fun combination of the moment: "St. Elmo's Fire" (hence the post title), followed by "Stars" from Les Mis, two different versions of Jason Robert Brown's "Stars and Moon," "Still Hurting" from The Last Five Years, and "Strange Fire" by the Indigo Girls. TLW isn't quite as amused by all this as I am, but I'm putting that down to her having to sit through a few gazillion hours of Disney movies in preparation for her lesson plan on animation. Oh, didn't I mention? She's now teaching an intro to film course at her not-quite first alma mater. I'm still waiting for her to teach her theatre course so that I can correct all her lesson plans ("Lesson 1: Sondheim Rules." "Lesson 2: Sondheim Rocks." "Lesson 3: Sondheim Kicks Tush." "Lesson 4: Webber & Wildhorn Stink." "Lesson 5: Rogers & Hammerstein, Gershwin, Porter, and a few Other Guys Wrote Some Good Stuff Too.")

Oh: "Strange Fire" was followed by "Stray Cat Strut..."


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