Monday, February 02, 2004

I'm Super, thanks for asking...

Hmm... look's like yoxio has gone the way of the dodo, so I'm gonna haveta try to find some new image hosting service... any suggestions?

Ah, the traditional Super Bowl party in Brooklyn last night... much fun seeing old friends (and when did all these little kids start showing up? Sheesh, I'm gettin' ancient), and whatta game! Because of work, I didn't see too many snaps during the regular season (considering how my team did, that might be considered a blessing), so it was nice to actually see a complete game for the first time in a year. Not to be catty, but is Janet Jackson trying to match her brother in plastic surgery? Looks like Dow Corning might haveta dedicate a new wing of their next plant to her... *sigh* and she used ta be pretty. The Lovely Wife(tm) took the most offense, not at the whole breast-baring thing, but the murder of a perfectly good decent annoying, but still enjoyable 80s song ("Hey Diddy!" *shudder*). Great game, though, and Jake Delhomme impressed me to no end... this guy's got guts, mental presence, and a great arm. Head's up, Jake... you'll probably be back in the big game soon enough.


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