Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Ugh, Ugh, Ugh...

Finding out just how little undergraduate orgo you remember/ ever learned is a painful thing. Figuring out just how much you're gonna need to bone up on (and pronto) is, well, really painful. I expect to be buried in two textbooks, and up to my neck in index cards over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, in my own personal Dimension of Pain (sluggy reference, for those who get it) I've gone from talking in agony to swallowing in agony... feh.

Schedule wars at work are heating up nicely... the way things are currently filled in, I'll be scheduled to work Tuesday-Saturday from 3-11 pm for the entire year, which very neatly simultaneously conflicts with my religious practices, my school schedule, and my married life... something had better give, methinks, or ConEd's gonna be short a lab technician, and I'm gonna be short a salary :(.


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