Monday, May 24, 2004

Don't let 'em drop!

Phew... got the final exam from hades faxed off to my instructor, which possibly means that I've finished the last academic classroom course that I will ever see in my life. Time for some relaxation, right? *BZZT!* Sorry, wrong answer:

  • Gotta prepare dinner for a pair of new proud parents (Mazal tov, guys!)
  • Need to figure out just who I'm gonna do my thesis with, since my first choice is considering leaving the school, and I'd rather NOT deal with getting halfway through my research, then starting all over again, thank you very much...
  • Between now and tomorrow night, I need to put together a somewhat coherent lecture for my shul on the luchot (tablets)... then again, maybe I can schedule my talk sometime about 2:00 am (this is part of the all-night-long learning thing), when nobody will be coherent, so I won't haveta worry. I've already decided that next year I'm going to present a lecture of bible criticism from a rock-and-roll perspective entitled (wait for it, now) "Who Wrote the Book of Law?"
  • assorted financial nonsense gotta be dealt with (including a bill from my old health insurance provider... I've been on a new plan since September, and they're only getting around to sending me my first notice now? Love the way these guys operate)
  • pack for Nashville to catch the wedding of some yoyos we know.

Sefira coming to an end, and there will soon be music in the air again 'round efrex-ville, and that's a very good thing: Gonna pick up the "Bounce" CD, go through my Rush collection in preparation for this summer's concert, listen to my new Hebrew discoveries ("Annie"'s the latest pickup... "Tomorrow" in Hebrew can't be any more annoying than the original...), get back into vocal shape at Marie's, and catch the new Cast Party. Yeehaw, summertime!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Turn, turn turn...

Going just a bit dizzy trying to figure out my final... I really thought I'd be further along with it now than I am. Out of seven multipart questions, I've only got a full answer for one, and a bunch of partial answers. Gotta figure out how to turn a 1,2-diol into an alkene link, and all kinds of other nonsense.

Hey, shosh! New colors lookin' nice; soon as I have the time, I'll probably be tweaking this template as well, although I kinda like the maroon color scheme, so we'll see what happens. Also, a shout-out to my latest fan, David at Treppenwitz, whose blog contains one of the best stories I've read in a long time. Considering our proclivities, I suspect that The Lovely Wife(tm) and myself will be dealing with interesting questions from our (still nonexistant) brood ourselves.

Funniest (if slightly scary) piece of spam that I've gotten in a while: an offer to help me with my mortgage payments (for those not in the know, I'm a lifetime renter). These folks managed to get my name, address, and telephone number, and according to their records, I provide a "93% match" with their requirements for them to give me help. Apparently, my six-story apartment building shows up as a "single family house" on their records, valued at $50-60,000 but with a $200,000 mortgage (I know I'm not soo good with money, but even so...)! Oh, well, it's more amusing than being offered money from the Nigerian government, I guess.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Fun while it lasted...

Lag B'omer fun fun fun... got the hair cut, the beard trimmed, and made it to a piano bar for the first time in over a month; for some reason, Marie's was closed, so it was off to the Duplex where, with a couple of Sam Adamses in me, I managed to warble through an only slightly off-key rendition of "Sometimes a Day Goes By"... sheesh, but I'm rusty.

Getting my final presentation together for class; describing a 9-step synthesis of a longifolane sesquiterpene (I really should check if the Scrabble dictionary allows either of those words... I still won't beat Richie, but it would be fun to know a word or two that he doesn't)... now, if only I could properly explain why oxidizing a cyclic allylic alcohol with PCC can cause oxygen migration to the beta position, I'd be finished... after this semester, I think I'm gonna just pass out for about two weeks straight, and then get to work on (dum de DUM dum) my thesis (ulp!)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Spelled "N-E-R-D"

So, shlepping in to work today, I start humming "I'll know" from Guys and Dolls. Nothing particularly unusual about that, but when I get to the "Chemistry? Yeah, chemistry" part, I suddenly segue into Tom Lehrer's "Elements" .

If I ever do a cabaret show (and make enough money to pay people to come), I'm gonna haveta remember that combination...