Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spinning the Wheels

*cough* *cough* sheesh, look at all the dust here, look's like nobody's been here for a month... oh, wait, nobody has been here for a month.

How do David and company do it? Daily or near-daily updates with interesting thoughts and things to say (I dare not even contemplate Eric Burns's output, although he's a professional writer, so maybe that helps).

The most exciting news of the past month: assuming that his weight's increased enough, baby Efrex gets his vaccination shots today; while I stay at work, The Lovely Wife(tm) gets to deal with screaming child (love you, honey!). To the assorted biological and online aunts and uncles: yes, we will post more photos eventually.

Otherwise? Work is good (two possibilities for promotions coming up over the next few weeks), school stinks (cutting my losses with my thesis research, and gonna try to make up my missing credits with some creative course-taking), and the aliyah plans get further and further mired (waah!).