Thursday, June 08, 2006

So now you know

After some ten years' worth of experience on this here internet, I have learned that there is no question so esoteric, so obscure, so bizarre, that there isn't someone out there that wants to know the answer. Similarly, the vastness of the virtual world all but guarantees that there will be someone out there whose interests are sufficiently esoteric, etc. that he or she will have the answer. In that spirit, I would like to inform whomever wishes to know that the answer to the question of:
"Is the precise moment when you're walking down a hill, wheeling your son's stroller with one hand, carrying your freshly-drycleaned suit in the other, and talking to your Lovely Wife(tm) on the cellphone held in the crook of your shoulder a REALLY ANNOYING TIME for you shoelace to come undone?" is "yes, it is."

No, don't thank me. I'm just doing my bit to increase worldwide education.