Monday, April 18, 2005

So, nu?

Well, when The hot Asian gal with the hoo-hah PhD tells you to post, you better post...

Our oh-so-thrilling nightlife this past month doesn't warrant much mentioning: we caught Fiddler with Harvey Firestein... it's always hard for me to really judge a production of a Jewish show written for non-Jews, but I must say that I enjoyed a lot of the show, and Harvey's "Chavaleh" is gut-wrenching, even if it's hard to hear that voice singing and not think of his flaming roles. Believe it or not, I think that's the only show we've caught, as work and school have been kinda sapping our energies for a while now.

This afternoon, I'll be taking a break from Pesach cleaning to check out the BC/EFA Easter Bonnet Competition, which we're getting comped into thanks to our volunteer work and our spending WAAY too much money at last year's flea market.

Since that doesn't quite warrant a full post, I decided that it was high time that we updated the linkage on the right side here. The "Divas and divos" section feature some of our favorite insanely talented people who you might never have heard of, but deserve a lot more exposure.

Good enough for you, T?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I Aten't Dead Granny Weatherwax wrote (if you don't catch the reference, hie thee over to the local paperback purveyor and check out the works of Terry Pratchett; you've got some 30-plus books in the Discworld series to check out, so you'll be busy for a little while, but it's quite worth it).

Recent pick-up: Billy Porter's At the Corner of Broadway and Soul, an improbable mix of contemporary show tunes, funk, gospel, and insanely high-pitched vocalizations (I'll grant that Bernadette Peter's voice is not the highest out there, but that's still no reason for a male voice to be able to sing "Last Midnight" in the original key, then go higher... unreal!). One can never have too many recordings of Jason Robert Brown's "King of the World," though, and it's nice to finally have the originator of the song record it.